Making & Maturing Disciples
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Senior Saints - This group of seniors (50 and above), meet at least quarterly to share a meal and fellowship with one another. Merced’s seniors really are great cooks! One of our Deacons, Larry Goodman and his wife, Donna, schedule these meetings and sometimes provide a guest speaker or some other activity. Presently, they oversee a quarterly rotating program where seniors are mentors to teens, sharing with each other time, stories, meals or activities.

Group Fellowship - Time together is celebrated at least quarterly, usually with potlucks or “finger foods."  Occasionally, game nights or other activities are held in the multi-purpose room. Also, there is an annual celebration (or “roast") honoring the current years school graduates from various levels of education. In addition to these activities, there is no evening service held on the third Sunday of each quarter.  This is to give members an opportunity to visit other congregations or to visit in each other’s homes. 

Ladies Activities

- One of the things that the Merced congregation does is to encourage the women of the church to discover their abilities or talents. There are many different areas that the ladies are actively doing in Merced.  The following list is some of the many things that our Christian ladies are doing for the church, for one another and or outsiders:

      • Preparing the Lord’s Supper
      • Attending to the library Bible studies
      • Keeping the teachers supply room stocked and maintained
      • Teaching toddlers
      • Teaching preschool
      • Teaching elementary school
      • Teaching at home and personal
      • Prepare the fellowship room
      • Work with the Care Groups
      • See to the needs of one another
The expression of care in these activities helps to see and experience growth in love and Spirituality.  The encouragement that each person realizes from the growth causes the love to grow in other areas of their lives and also in the lives of the members of the congregation.One of the areas that was mentioned above is evangelism; therefore, much training has gone in helping relationships to grow and reach out to other people so the church can and will grow through this effort.  If you have wanted to evangelize others, but do no know how, the elders or preacher will help you in this effort.From time to time, there will be articles posted from the ladies of the congregation.  Events will be posted that will encourage participation of all the women of the congregation; things like Ladies Day at Merced; Ladies Retreat; going to support the sister congregations with their special events for ladies.

Day at the Lake (annual)
- For the past several years in September, following a Sunday morning worship service, the Merced Church has enjoyed a Day at Yosemite Lake where great fellowship, fun, games and a wonderful BBQ is shared by our members and their guests. Ted Allan, his wife Pattie and their helpers, do a wonderful job in making this annual event truly enjoyable.  Following a great meal of TriTip, Hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ beans, Salad, etc, we have a “play or rest time", a talent show, a bounce house for kids and games for teens and adults.  As the day comes to an end, while overlooking Yosemite Lake we assemble together and enjoy an afternoon devotional worship period. When the day is over, though we are tired, we are happy and grateful for this time of fellowship and we are thankful for the love that binds us together and look forward to next year’s Day at the Lake.

Merced Bible Camp

Youth Groups - The leaders of the Merced church know that the teaching and training of the youth of the congregation is important for their salvation and the life of the church.  In the past, we have had Youth Forums also known as Youth Rallies.  Some of the activities a these rallies are classes, speakers, lunch, devotionals, scavenger hunts, etc.

Vacation Bible School - The records that come from the bulletins, tell us that the Merced congregation held Vacation Bible School regularly from 1952 until 1986.  There was always a big turn out of children.  A 1957 the bulletin said 300 children were expected and that there was an average of 210 children nightly.  Vacation Bible School was  two weeks long, at one time, and usually held in the evenings; however, the bulletins of 1957 show classes started at 9 a.m.  Some years  there were even adult classes.  Everyone baked cookies and helped serve if they were not teaching.  The bulletin of 1957 said they would  be needing 20 teachers that year for VBS. 

The bulletin of 1969 said the average nightly attendance was 155. A bulletin in September 1977 noted the children bringing the most visitors won a Bible.  Those listed as receiving a Bible were: Shauna King (24), Tiffany Evans 19), Lori Goodman (16), Eric Hixson (5), and Brian Hixson (5). In 1979 Shauna King brought 30 children to VBS. The goal of Vacation Bible is for children,  " hear Bible stories, do Bible learning activities  and crafts, see puppet shows, sing exciting songs, and of course, enjoy refreshments."

Convalescent Home Visitation - It is not remembered who started or put together a group of Merced Christians to sing at convalescent hospitals in the 1960s. According to the bulletins, in the beginning the group went to two hospitals on the first Sunday of the month.  Merced Convalescent hospital on 27th Street and Hylond on M Street.  The men who have lead the singers have changed over the years, but a group from the Merced Church of Christ continues to go to the facilities on the second Sunday of the month. The song leaders over the years have included:  Mansel Willett, Bob Kennedy, Bob Puckett and Bob Anderson.

Area Wide Singing - Every month congregations in the central valley get together for a night of singing.