Making & Maturing Disciples
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We are so glad you are interested in learning more about the Merced church of Christ!  Make your way around our website and find out more about who we are, and what we believe.  We have tried to add plenty of useful information to the website for you to read, hear, and see.  After learning about us, we would like to invite you to attend one of our worship services and worship God with us.  We know attending services somewhere new can be intimidating for some people.  The purpose of this page is to give you an overview of our worship services, so you can feel comfortable to attend with us.  Our worship service includes:

Singing:  Our singing is without the accompaniment of instruments.  We encourage everyone to participate in the singing as we praise God and Christ.

Prayers:  Public prayers will be led by men chosen from the congregation.  Most worshipers participate by simply bowing their heads in silent prayer. 

Communion:  Each Sunday we remember the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus through communion.  As Jesus commanded, we eat the unleavened bread to remember the physical body the he surrendered to death, and we drink the grape juice (fruit of the vine) to remember His blood given for our forgiveness.

Giving:  Each Sunday, members give money to support the work of the congregation.  These contributions fund the Lord's work.  Visitors are not required to contribute, but can if they choose.

Sermon:  Our sermons contain teachings directly from the Bible, and are intended to teach, correct, and uplift.

Invitation:  Following the sermon is a song of invitation.  The invitation is given to encourage those in need of prayer to come forward.  It is also to provide a convenient opportunity to the person who in faith and repentance wants to be baptized into Christ. 

**  If you wish further explanation about our worship or any aspect of Christian life, we would welcome an opportunity to study the Bible and share Christ with you.  Ask any member for assistance, or give us a call at (209) 722-2852